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The Villa-Lobos Music Society, Inc. is dedicated to sustaining and increasing awareness of the music of Heitor Villa-Lobos, of his passion for music education, and of his philosophy that music is the universal language capable of bringing together all peoples, and of inspiring love and respect for the natural world.

In celebration of the 125th anniversary of his birth, The Villa-Lobos Music Society, Inc. is producing an original cause-driven cultural event which will advance our mission by presenting the music of Heitor Villa-Lobos in a new and exciting way, combining his instrumental and vocal compositions with a new adaptation, for dance, of naturalist William Henry Hudson’s novel Green Mansions.

With its extraordinary setting in the Amazon rainforest, a place Heitor Villa-Lobos knew well and loved, Green Mansions gives us a unique opportunity to stay ‘close to the heart’ of the composer, creating a score made entirely of his music, filled with the sounds of nature and the folkloric melodies of the diverse cultures of his country.

In 2012, we can mark this historic 125th birthday anniversary by giving the gift of this extraordinary new dance work to Villa-Lobos and to the world, continuing his legacy and inspiring others to pursue the ideals he treasured, now and for many years to come.