The Villa-Lobos Music Society, Inc.
a 501(C)(3) arts organization
founded in 1986



The Villa-Lobos Music Society, Inc. [a 501(C)(3) arts organization]
was formed in 1986 by Villa-Lobos protégé and friend, Alfred Heller.  Its mission is to sustain and increase awareness of the music of Heitor Villa-Lobos (and composers of like musical philosophy), of his passion for music education, and of his belief that music is the universal language capable of bringing together all peoples, and of inspiring love and respect for the natural world.

Since its inception, The Villa-Lobos Music Society, Inc., under the direction of Alfred Heller, has fulfilled this mission by presenting concerts, participating in educational activities, presenting lectures, publishing articles, appearing on television programs and radio broadcasts, producing recordings, forming orchestra and chamber groups, working with orchestras and musicians on correct performance practice, sustaining a dialogue with musicians and music lovers to encourage performances, and maintaining a constant presence in the musical community to expand audience for, and broaden knowledge and appreciation of, the music of Villa-Lobos and his “one world” philosophy.

In its almost twenty-five years of existence, The Villa-Lobos Music Society, Inc. has been fortunate to have the support of wonderful and committed individuals, many of whom also were friends of Heitor Villa-Lobos.

The members of our current Board of Directors are:  Alfred Heller, D. M., Georgina Castiglione Bohn, Susan M. Kaufman, Leopoldo Mucci, and Stuart H. Q. Quan, M.D.

Our Honorary Board members are:  David P. Appleby, D. M., Lionel Chernoff, Ph. D., José Neistein, Ph. D., Juan Orrego-Salas, Ph. D., Lisa M. Peppercorn, Elinor Ross, and Robert Sherman.

Our past Board members have included:  J. Roberto de Azevedo, Lori M. Carlson, Countess Emily de Rohan Chandor, Frances H. Lee, Sergio Pereira, Teddy S. Reynolds, Iza Chateaubriand Sessler, Sergio Tapajós, and Siomara Tauster.

Our In Memoriam Board members are:  Arleen Auger, Felicja Blumental, Edith del Valle, Lucille K. Duncan, George Forrest, Charles G. Jacobs, Ph. D., Jeffrey Lawrence, Joseph Machlis, Anna Moffo, Leonard de Paur, John Raitt, Bidú Sayão, Rose M. Singer, Carleton Sprague Smith, Frances F. Switt, Melissa S. Topping, Robert F. Wagner, Jr., and Robert Wright.